for Your Industry

Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations

We love working with people who are in the business of helping others and know that it is often very hard for NGO's/NPO's or charities to get the help they need. Don't fret because you are exactly the type of organization we seek to serve.

Literacy & Education

Through our partners and in-house expertise we are uniquely aligned to assist with specific organizational needs related to basic literacy and education for young and old alike.

Small Business

Small business is the backbone of any economy and seeing you succeed gives us pride! Get in touch with us if you are looking to develop your business plan, clarify your vision and mission statements or just need some advice on how to run the thing!


They say the world is getting smaller everyday, but in our experience it's not always easy when cultures, customs and languages collide. Let us help you with your inter-cultural communication needs.


Assisting government entities with policy making, management processes, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation for the betterment of their citizens.