Organizational Leadership & Development

Consult Forenji is a social enterprise bridging the gap between the vision and capabilities of grassroots organizations through consulting in management, education and leadership development.

Our Services

Management Consulting

Helping you improve your organization's processes, procedures and performance.

Leadership Development

Expand the capacity of individuals in your organization to excel in  their leadership roles.

Cloud Solutions

Getting your web, social, email and collaboration tools up to speed for effective marketing, management and communications.

Fundraising Support

Connecting your charity with donors and assisting you with the process of proposals, reports and compliance.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Providing personalized monitoring and evaluation services for small and medium sized projects.

Project Implimentation

Assisting your organization with the implementation of projects.


"I am truly impressed by your commitment to excellence and success. I am grateful for your services in making my business successful."



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